Our plans for Term 4 2020

I wonder how you feeling at this stage of this crazy-making COVID lockdown! I hope you have been able to find some time for your own self-care. Hopefully there will continue to be a decline in the community transmission rate and an increase in the ways we can connect.

In the meantime, I am pleased to confirm that all the groups will continue in their current format in Term 4. Times, days, length of sessions and by Telehealth will all stay the same. After all these weeks doing groups by Telehealth I am really pleased to say that we have hit our stride together. It’s really clear that each of the groups has become closer and more productive and effective. The kids have all been working hard in the sessions and all seem motivated to attend. This is a very therapeutic stage to reach and it will be good to consolidate the gains over Term 4.

If we are allowed to meet up in small groups over the Term 3 holidays then I will be proposing we have a 2 hr social outing for each group. We can plan that together. I have already done this with one group over the Term 2 hols and it was a respite from the online telehealth sessions. We used masks and socially distanced at that time. If this is not possible in the Term 3 holidays then we will do it as soon as it is allowed.

We will also be running the Tuning Into Teens (10 years +) parent program in Term 4. As usual the groups are small and will be tailored to your particular needs. This time, Tuning Into Teens will have a pro-active focus on working with children/teens on the Autism Spectrum. I have been doing some very intensive supervision on working with Kids on the Spectrum and I have been having some very encouraging results. I am really keen to share this approach with you alongside the emotion coaching approach. This will also be useful for parents of kids who are not on the ASD Spectrum.

This program will be delivered by Telehealth until we can do it in person. Note that there are two options – one during the day on Fridays 11-1pm and one after hours on Wednesdays 7-9pm. There are limited spots in both groups. Please complete the registration form asap to secure your enrolment.

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