Tuning into Teens and Kids.

Improve your parenting skills to build stronger family relationships and connections
with your children.

Tuning into Teens and Tuning into Kids are popular, proven parenting programs developed in Mebourne by Mindful, with research trials conducted at The University of Melbourne and based on Parenting research by Professor John Gottman and colleagues.  Jane Maher is an accredited facilitator of these two programs.

At Evolving Roles, we run the Tuning Into Kids and Teens emotion coaching parenting programs especially for parents and carers of socially isolated teens as well parents of kids on the Autism Spectrum. These parent groups are small in numbers (up to 6 parents) so that each parents needs can be individually responded to.

In these groups, a mutually supportive way of being together develops. Parents comment that the program alleviates their own isolation and there is relief in discovering that they don’t have to pretend that everything about their family life is ‘hunky dory’. Diversity in family experiences is also powerful in these groups. Insights into different family circumstances can generate new perspectives. Hard earned parenting wisdoms can be shared. The safety to share and process the not so glorious family moments develops. Humour emerges and enables more playful parenting. The development of greater family spontaneity and creative problem solving are key outcomes of these groups.

Develop ’emotional coaching skills’

Tuning Into Kids and Tuning Into Teens teaches you the skills of the emotion coaching style of parenting – to promote your child’s emotional intelligence and competence. Emotion coaching is one of four parenting styles identified by Professor Gottman and colleagues.

Parents learn how to help kids learn how to self-regulate difficult feelings and amplify positive times. Parents are taken through a series of sessions to learn how to recognise, acknowledge, accept, validate and empathise with your child’s emotional experiences and to create the conditions for children to open up to them and have good times together.

These empowering parental skills grow hand in hand with your child also learning to name, acknowledge and understand their emotional experiences. This is very protective, especially during adolescence when knowing what they are feeling can be a way to be a leader and not get caught up in peer pressure and risk taking behaviour.

But it doesn’t stop there – acknowledging what it is we are feeling doesn’t mean angry, aggressive or rivalrous behaviour is okay. Parents in the Tuning Into Kids and Teens Programs learn to help their children develop pro-social solutions to their difficult feelings and to celebrate the good times more. Learning how to set limits as well as improve relationships though more quality times together is covered.

Our parents report significant improvements in their family relationships, increased confidence in their parenting skills and stronger connection to, communication with and understanding of their children because of participating in this powerful program.

The program also results in strong connections between participating parents. Some groups chose to form parent support groups at the conclusion of the program, that continue to meet regularly to discuss parenting, supported by Jane.

“Since attending Tuning Into Kids, I have been able to tailor my parenting skills to better assist both my daughters with expressing their emotional needs.

I have seen a great change in both my daughters’ emotional responses to difficult situations. They are both better able to express themselves and I find I am able to support them when needed. All three of us are calmer and better communicators with family and friends.

When does the Tuning into Teens/Kids program run?

We run the Tuning into Teens and Kids program each school term. The program includes eight two-hour sessions. Due to COVID-19, these sessions are currently being held online.

Getting Started

To participate in the Term 4 program, please complete the registration form, and return via email asap to secure your place. Before commencing the program, we recommend you and your family attend a Family Therapy session to help us understand your needs. You can book this below.

This session will ensure that your family dynamics, your parenting strengths, and difficulties can be better understood, and the program customised to your needs. Kids can help us understand what to focus on in the groups and tend to respect their parents more for doing this program and because os the changes it brings.

Fees and Funding

Term 4 2020 Fees$AU ex GST
Tuning into Teens/Kids Program$100 per parent per session or
$150 for two parents per session
Group Family Therapy session$170 (business hours)
$185 (after 6pm)

There are no funding or healthcare rebates available for participation in this program.