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We specialise in supporting isolated teenagers who want to be more socially connected & helping families have more satisfying relationships.

Jane Maher, Psychodramatist
Clinical Family Therapist
Mental Health Nurse

Jane Maher is the only Psychodramatist, Clinical Family Therapist & Mental Health Nurse in Melbourne specialising in therapeutic groups for socially isolated teens.

She is a Certificated Psychodrama Practitioner with Australian Aotearoa New Zealand Psychodrama Association (Ma Equivalent), she has a registered Clinical Family Therapist with the Australian Association of Family Therapists and has a Post Grad Diploma in Mental Health Nursing from LaTrobe Uni.

As a pioneer in this space, Jane has developed a unique, dynamic, and creative approach to therapeutic group work that results in more socially confident and resilient kids.

Our approach promotes more empathy, authenticity, playfulness and better communication in family relationships, enabling families to iron out differences and enjoy each other more!

Therapeutic Social Groups for Teens

At Evolving Roles, we specialise in Therapeutic Social Skills groups for teenagers who long to be more socially confident and connected. Jane has helped over 300 kids reduce their social anxieties, build their social skills, and renew their sense of belonging with her unique, dynamic, and creative approach to teen groups. Learn more.

Individual Therapy

Jane offers Individual Therapy for young people, parents and adults to address a wide range of concerns and goals. The approach is practical, dynamic and focused on developing more satisfying, spontaneous & creative ways of being. Learn more.

Family Therapy

We offer Family Therapy to help families develop better understandings of each other, improved communication, to reduce frequency & intensity of conflict, to shift stuck problems, and strengthen quality family times. Learn more.

Tuning into Teens & Kids

We run the popular Tuning into Teens and Tuning into Kids parenting programs in small customised groups each term. Parents are coached in how to tune into their teens to enable greater social and emotional intelligence, communication, self regulation and more shared problem solving. Stronger relationships & connections in families develop.

“I can’t thank Jane enough for the life-changing skills she has taught me and my family.”

RM, Parent, Brunswick

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