Individual Therapy

Individual therapy for young people and adults to help address concerns and achieve your personal goals

At Evolving Roles, we offer individual therapy for young people and adults to help address concerns and issues and to support the achievement of personal goals, led by Jane Maher. Our approach is practical and focused on problem solving together.

Who can benefit from individual therapy?

Individual therapy can be of significant benefit to help address a broad range of concerns including:

  • changing relationships or circumstances
  • relationship conflict, breakdown or abuse
  • situations that create anxiety or panic attacks
  • grief and loss
  • worries and confusions about growing up, friendships, mutism, sexuality, social isolation and social skills
  • parenting issues
  • problems at work
  • dealing with VCE stress or vocational goals.

Teenagers participating in groups may also need some individual sessions to move through difficulties. Sometimes, individual counselling is the best approach for teenagers on the Austism Spectrum or with debilitating social anxiety.

Evolving Roles does not specialise in treatment for eating, personality or psychotic disorders, but can support teens with these disorders who are experiencing social isolation to address this issue.

How does individual counselling work?

Individual counselling involves establishing a clear shared understanding of what interests or concerns we are focusing on.

Clarifying the problems and the goals occurs through an assessment and feedback process that can take several sessions, as we gather the background information about what has lead to the situation and what gets in the way of moving forward. Developing a mutual understanding the context of what is going on is very important. We work together on your goals – and you are always in the driver’s seat.

With years of experience, extensive training and qualifications, Jane Maher has crafted a uniquely dynamic, flexible, collaborative and creative approach to individual treatment. Her approach is evidence-based and draws broadly on her background in psychodrama and psychotherapy, family therapy and mental health nursing.

“Being able to talk things through with Jane was fantastic. I can’t recommend her highly enough. She has really helped me turn thing around and get back on track.”

Getting Started

You don’t need a referral from a medical professional to organise individual counselling for yourself or your child. To get started, simply book an initial appointment with Jane Maher. This meeting will take approximately one hour.

For adolescent counselling, the first appointment is usually with the teen and the parent/s, to discuss the current situation, what you would like to achieve from counselling, and how we will proceed. After this session, your teen will attend sessions on their own.

Please note, in response to COVID-19, individual counselling sessions are currently being conducted online via Zoom.  When life returns to ‘normal’ we will resume face-to-face sessions.


Confidentiality is a crucial for building trust during counselling. This practice follows the ‘mature minor’ principle, a common law principle that says “an adolescent under the age of 18 years is capable of giving informed consent when he or she achieves a sufficient understanding and intelligence to enable him or her to understand fully what is proposed.”

This means we only share information about what is discussed during individual counselling sessions, where the adolescent has given informed consented for the information to be shared, unless we feel that the young person or another person’s life is at risk.


2020 Fees$AU ex GST
Initial appointment$185
Family Group session$110 per session

Please note, the counselling services provided by Jane Maher are not covered by Medicare or private health insurance. If your child is funded through the National Disability Insurance Scheme, you can use the funding in your plan for individual counselling for your child. Check out our information for NDIS clients.